Dear Students, please fill out this survey. It's completely anonymous, so don't feel judged or think that you have to impress me. The survey should help me be a better professor for you as an individual. I use it to decide what books to keep or cut, which topics to spend time on in class, whether to do more art or more literature, and how to steer your particular group. Help me aim the class at you. Thank you!

The survey usually will ask you to respond, on a scale of 1-5, with #1 meaning “never heard of it” and #5 meaning “know it well.” If the question was “Mona Lisa,” for instance:

If you thought, “The what??” Choose #1.
If you thought, “Heard of it. An old painting?” Choose #2.
If you thought, “I definitely know the picture you mean but I don’t know anything about it.” Choose #3.
If you thought, “By Leonardo da Vinci. Some kind of discussion about her smile, I think?” Choose #4/
If you thought, “Da Vinci, Italian Renaissance, I know it well. I had it in a course on Western Culture. (Or, “I saw it in Europe.”) Choose #5.

Note: My IT expert set it up so that there's a record of everybody who submitted the survey, although your name is not paired with your answer. Otherwise I wouldn't know who didn't bother to do it.


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