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Dear Readers and Students,

This is the stuff that my lawyer Eileen makes me post here. But that doesn't mean I'm happy about it, so I want to add this note to you. When I walk past a parked car with an alarm light flashing inside it, I don't get hurt feelings. I know that it isn't aimed at me or anybody like me. In a big city like San Francisco, there are a few, rare people out there who make that device necessary. The Internet is a big city too, and Eileen's legal stuff, which follows, works just like a kind of alarm/lock she's installing on my car.

Best wishes,

Prof. L.


Please do not send Prof. Leonard plot ideas, fictional characters or fiction of any kind. (He says he can't use them anyway-- it would be cheating. And what if he already had the idea? You might feel he had swiped it from you.) Also, seriously, if you don't understand any of the terms in this agreement, ask a lawyer to explain them to you. By choosing to use the website you are agreeing to abide by and be legally bound by this agreement. In it, "Prof. Leonard" and "he" will refer to George J. Leonard.

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----M. Eileen McGarry, esq.